What do WE do ?

We are a commercial organization which aim to help companies to develop their own brand system and brand strategy. Through our services, companies can build their personalized brand image and brand strategy in order to increase the brand value and brand  loyalty.

Meanwhile, we provide Chinese market localization service for foreign brands, which can help them to better deliver their brand idea to Chinese consumers.

In 2017, we provide the following services for you:
- Brand CIS 
- Brand VIS
- Brand Marketing Behavior
- Brand Marketing Content Design and Production
What's included
  • Brand CIS
    Brand Idea
    Brand Personality
    Brand Story
    Brand Positioning
    Brand Core Value
    Brand Tagline

    Brand Marketing Behavior
    Brand Service Behavior
    Brand Propaganda Behavior
    Partners Management Guideline
    Internal / External Behavior Guideline
    External Propaganda Execution Management Guideline
    External Channel Management Guideline
    Brand CIS Handbook Design and Production
  • Brand VIS
    Brand Basic VIS
      a. Brand Logo
      b. Brand Typeface
      c. Brand Color

    Brand Application System
      a. Office Supplies
      b. Office Visual Application System
      c. Product Packaging
      d. Online Media Communication Application System
      e. Exhibition Application System
      f. Store Application System
      g. Advertising Application System
      h. Brand Clothing
      i. Other

    Brand VIS Handbook Design and Production
    Brand VIS Application System Guideline and Production Guideline
  • Brand Marketing
    Annual Promotion Channels Sorting
    Annual Promotion Channels Planning
    Monthly Promotion Schedule Planning
    Monthly Promotion Content Planning
    Annual Brand Partnership Planning
    Semi-annual Promotion Content Adjustment

    Annual Product Service Behavior
    Annual Brand Behavior
    Annual B2B Brand Commercial Behavior
    Annual B2B Brand Non-Commercial Behavior

    Brand Promotion Guideline
    Brand Service Behavior Guideline
    Brand Behavior Monitoring and Optimizing
  • Brand Marketing Content
    Design and Production
    Annual Brand Packaging Design and Production
    Brand Poster Design
    Video Creativity and Making
    Website Design and Production

    Online Promotion Content
    Online Promotion Photography
    Online Promotion EDM Design
    Online Promotion Poster / GIF / H5
    Online Promotion Content Optimizing

    Offline Channel Poster Design and Production
    Offline Channel Standees Design and Production
    Offline Channel Display Design and Production
    Booklet Design and Production
    Trade Fair Space Design and Construct
    Exhibition Marketing Poster / EDM Design and Production
    Packaging / Creative Handbag Design  and Production
What's that for example ?
MGF can help you with:

• improving your brand by establishing the brand visual image;
• designing and producing the brand marketing content in order to enhance the brand loyalty;
• obtaining more external resources with characteristic brand image;
• building a formal corporate image, which is beneficial to the corporate public relations works

How it works ?
For further information,
please contact us.
Customer Service: afterservice@mgfbrandon.com
Business Cooperation: marketing01@mgfbrandon.com
Overseas Business Cooperation: mgfchina@mgfbrandon.com
TEL: +86 755 86716117
Address:  A 2409B, T-share jinniu Square, Taoyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China